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Rural Security Experts

The security solution experts at Incognito Systems are adept at designing and installing plans for the security of rural landscapes, including farmland which is often at risk due to poor connection to the internet as well as a lack of mains distribution infrastructure. The Incognito Solo30 is especially designed to provide CCTV coverage for farms and is deployable in a quick and simple manner. For rural security solutions look no further than Incognito Systems.


Rural Alarms

Our specialists are adept at creating specialist alarm systems designed to create seamless security pathways for wired, wireless, and hybrid models. Our wireless and hybrid models are especially useful for rural areas where it is necessary to install deterrents for a number of separate buildings that are often some way away from one another.

Rural CCTV

As touched upon, our rural CCTV experts are on hand to ensure your property is equipped with functional and practical deterrents in the form of effective CCTV systems. Likely to be a top priority, don’t cut any corners and choose Incognito Systems today.


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