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Incognito Solo30

Incognito Solo 30Designed for rapid deployment in areas that there is no mains power, the Solo30 is a complete stand-alone system developed to provide a cutting-edge security solution to remote and rural areas. This system is powered by 3 x 10 ampere LiFePO4 lithium batteries, charged by a 90w solar panel through a powerful Smart Charge Controller. This internal system provides power to an industrial 4G/Wi-Fi LTE router, and a full 1080p HD Pan Tilt Zoom camera. An SD card is installed for localised recording.

This CCTV rural security solution system is housed in a waterproof (IP56) plastic enclosure and installed inside our metal casing, finished in a protective layer of white powder coating. This provides vandal resistance as well as doubling up as a radiation/temperature shield. The PTZ camera is fitted to the base as standard.

Smart Control, Remote Viewing

Our Smart Charge Controller incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, so you can monitor Battery State, load consumption and solar harvest.

Live view on Smart application and playback of recordings. Configurable for alerts and multi-user. Solo30 is CE marked and has undergone rigorous testing and development.

(Data SIM card required – NOT Included).

solo30-mastHow Does it Work?

Designed to work 24/7 under normal UK weather conditions, the batteries are trickle charged by the solar panel through the Smart Charge Controller. This will also power the camera and router, intelligently distributing the harvested energy. Only when solar harvest is not possible during the hours of darkness OR extreme weather will power be consumed from the batteries. The 30ah batteries will provide up to 56.5 hours continual use with zero solar power. If the system should consume all the battery energy, the Camera & router will temporarily shut down, allowing for quicker recovery of batteries. The Smart Charge Controller will re-charge batteries in a matter of hours (with reasonable Solar availability). In exceptions where “load” has cut off due to low voltage the system will restart automatically.

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