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Fast 4G Broadband for Rural Areas

For those living in rural areas, having access to super-fast broadband can be a huge issue. Technology in cities and towns is constantly evolving, with big broadband companies frequently upgrading cabling to fibreoptics, to connect as many people as possible. Unfortunately for rural inhabitants, this is rarely extended out of urban areas. At Incognito Systems, we believe that communities throughout the countryside of Northamptonshire should not be left without a fast and secure internet connection. We are proud to offer our 4G rural broadband solutions to help rural areas stay connected – without paying thousands of pounds for cable installation.

How Does it Work?

Our accredited engineers can install a SIM operated mobile router for your home or business in the countryside, which harnesses the 4G frequencies from nearby cell phone towers. This is then converted into fast broadband that can be accessed by PCs, laptops, smart TVs, and any other device with internet capabilities. The router is designed to withstand the harsh weather of rain, wind, snow, or storms, making it ideal for rural installations. Once installed, it also has the possibility of adding Omni Directional Aerials, for the best signal location.

Security Solutions

In addition to providing 4G broadband for browsing the web, our rural broadband routers can also enable you to take advantage of our installed security systems, including our alarm and CCTV networks. We understand that with a low population density, rural areas are prime targets for thieves and hugely benefit from our high-tech security measures. That’s why at Incognito, we offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to your needs, giving you the potential to remotely monitor your personal or business properties.

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