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Using the Web to Protect Your Farm

Rural security solutions are different to urban areas as the buildings, rooms and purpose for installation differs. This creates a lateral thinking necessity on behalf of the installer, who must be experienced and focused on their mission. The technological progression of how we use the internet can also be utilised to help protect your property in ways you may not have thought about yet.

Stay Clued Up Thanks to The Web

Firstly, a thorough site survey should be conducted that pinpoints problem areas and how they can be turned into rural security solutions. Recommendations are always a part of site surveys; however, these should be recommendations that benefit your property and your purpose for arranging an installation of security systems, and not just profit opportunities for the company. Since we are rural CCTV and alarm specialists with an authentic in the desire to help, we recommend you do some reading up on the different systems you can have installed to protect your rural property so you can spot high quality installations. Our website has plenty of information.

4G Broadband

Naturally, farms are not famous for having consistent wifi coverage. A solution that guarantees a connection needs to be in place and as such, we provide industrial strength 4G broadband to rural areas that can be utilised on phones, laptops, smart TVs, and tablets.

Our rural security solutions also come with remote monitoring opportunities so you can take advantage of the same technology businesses and homeowners are using in the big cities to protect your farm. If you don’t have neighbours who are willing to housesit your property in your absence, you can be rest assured that you are protected since you have the power of remote monitoring in your hands!

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